Fox's latest anti-AllVid FCC filing suggests new pay-TV service is coming to gaming consoles

Forgotten what AllVid is already? Click here for more detail on the standard companies like Google and Sony are fighting for that would potentially let users directly access cable or satellite TV streams without a box. As one of the media companies trying to convince the FCC that the new AllVid replacement for CableCARD is unnecessary, Fox recently called the FCC and informed it of negotiations with a pay-TV service that wanted to license channels and VOD for streaming to videogame consoles. Even as it frets over Time Warner's TWCable iPad app, the filing suggests there's plenty of innovation going on and availability of content for consumer electronics devices already. Of course, pending any regulatory decisions we can only wonder which consoles or providers could be involved (our money is on the aforementioned Time Warner, but Cablevision, Comcast and all the rest are working on technology of their own, while AT&T finally brought its U-Verse to the Xbox here in the US last fall) but this should keep the rumor mill going until something is actually announced.