Garmin nuLink! 2390 torn apart by FCC, put back together again on US site

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Last week Garmin announced the latest member of its high-end GPS navigator family, the nuLink! 2390. Sadly, it was a Europe only affair, leaving American consumers wondering why the company was giving us the cold shoulder. (Whatever it was baby, we're sorry, come back.) Then we spotted an unnamed 4.3-inch Garmin making its way through the FCC that matches up quite nicely, size- and feature-wise, with the 2390. The newest nuLink-enabled device is even showing its face over at the company's US website (you really do love us!), though it's not available to order and you'll have to do some serious digging to unearth it. Whenever it does hit American shores you'll be able to pull in 3D traffic data and search Google thanks to its GSM radio and tether your phone to it using Bluetooth for hands-free calls. It also has voice recognition software so you can furiously bark commands at it when you miss a turn and a tracking feature for keeping tabs on unruly teens. If you're into seeing gadgets splayed open like an organ transplant patient check out the gallery below.
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