EVE captain's quarters coming June 21st, CCP shows off new video

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|05.25.11

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EVE captain's quarters coming June 21st, CCP shows off new video
The times they are a-changin' in EVE Online, and CCP has officially set a date for the first salvo in a planned update campaign that will remake the face of the long-running sci-fi sandbox title. Incarna, CCP's integration of 3-D avatars into the game's ship-based environment, has been hinted at for so long that it's somewhat shocking to see an actual date bandied about.

That date is June 21st, and it will bring about the official deployment of Incarna's first phase to EVE's live server. CCP Zulu has all the details in a new EVE dev blog, and there's also a new video clip featuring an extensive tour inside a prototype captain's quarters zone as well as voiceover commentary.

"This is only the first step of many that continues EVE Online's progress towards the ultimate, immersive science fiction world. It unlocks a whole new experience for those already contributing to EVE's social and political fabric and provides a fresh beginning for those curious about becoming part of the deep universe that holds it," Zulu explains. View the video after the cut and head to the official EVE website for more details.

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