Madfinger announces new Shadowgun game, with Tegra 2 and Kal-El support (update: video)

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Madfinger announces new Shadowgun game, with Tegra 2 and Kal-El support (update: video)
Madfinger Games, the Czech Republic-based company behind Samurai II: Vengeance, has just announced Shadowgun -- a futuristic, shoot 'em up game for Tegra 2-equipped Android phones and tablets. Available on both the Tegra Zone app and Android Market, Shadowgun promises to bring console-quality graphics and performance to mobile platforms -- presumably with the extra geometric detail and high-res textures we've seen in other Tegra 2-tailored games. Madfinger is also developing a version for devices powered by NVIDIA's forthcoming quad-core processor, alluringly known as Project Kal-El. Price and availability have yet to be announced, but you can find more information in the PR after the break.

Update: NVIDIA has just released a demo video, see it for yourself after the break.

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Unity-powered Action Title to StormTablets and Smartphones in 2011

Brno, Czech Republic - 25th May, 2011 – Madfinger Games, creators of Samurai II: Vengeance, today announced the beginning of a new property SHADOWGUN, with an emphasis on next-gen graphics and immersive gameplay.

By focusing on mobile platforms - including smartphones and tablets- Madfinger has created the most advanced handheld game in the market, optimized for superb performance and offering gamers the same quality expected from console gaming systems.

With SHADOWGUN, Madfinger is expanding the entertainment potential of smartphone, iOS devices and tablets. SHADOWGUN will support Android mobile devices powered by the NVIDIA Tegra super chip, and will be available on the Tegra Zone app and Android Market.

Authored with the Unity development platform, SHADOWGUN combines tactical combat with third person harrowing action, ushering in a new visual standard for handheld gaming. SHADOWGUN puts players into the role of John Slade, a professional bounty hunter in the year 2350. Slade's mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, renowned geneticist and former employee of the trans-galactic corporation Toltech Enterprises. Players must lead "shadowgun" John Slade as he infiltrates Dr. Simon's mountain fortress and fights his personal army of mutants, cyborgs, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.-Slade's personal android assistant. The story is written by award winning author Micah Nathan who has joined the MadFinger team as executive creative consultant for SHADOWGUN.

"SHADOWGUN is possibly the the best expression of quality production achievable on mobile devices and a great indicator of what consumers can expect from future mobile games," said Brett Seyler, General Manager of Union. "We're very proud to see this kind of creative product created with Unity and excited to offer it to our partners through our Union distribution service."

In addition to an optimized version for Android super phones and tablets powered by Tegra 2, Madfinger is also developing an even more enhanced version supporting NVIDIA's Project Kal-El, the next-generation Tegra quad-core processor. Ashu Rege, Vice President of Game Content and Technology at NVIDIA, said: "SHADOWGUN shows off the console-quality experience that Tegra is bringing to Android devices. We're especially excited that Madfinger is creating a special version of SHADOWGUN that's optimized for multi-core processors and will take advantage of the processing and graphics power of Project Kal-El."
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