Vindictus gets a European launch window at long last

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.02.11

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Vindictus gets a European launch window at long last
If you're a European player eager to get some time in Vindictus, you've unfortunately been the victim of a long and seemingly fruitless wait. But Nexon's Source-based action MMO looks to be finally headed to European shores later this year. According to Electronic Theatre, the game is currently slated to be released at long last sometime in Q4 of 2011, significantly after its release in both Korea and North American territories.

While no reasons are cited for the delay, Sun Jin Kim, CEO of Nexon EU, apologized for the delay and promised to have the game localized in at least one additional language by the time of its release. More details are said to be forthcoming at E3 and GamesCom in the near future. European Vindictus fans are doubtlessly a little bit suspicious about finally hearing word after such a long silence, but if all goes well, the hacking and slashing should soon commence for the region.
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