HD2 keeps active with NoDo ROM, shows no sign of slowing down (video)

No thanks to Windows Mobile 6.5, the HTC HD2 is managing to keep spry as it's approaching retirement. Rather than relegating itself to playing shuffleboard with the codgers, it's been dancing to the tunes of Windows Phone, Android and Meego. Now the HD2 is learning NoDo's moves, and from the looks of its demo video, the phone is quite a performer -- take a peek after the break. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without a jolt from the WaterBear development team, which bundles the 7392 security update, an HD7 registry key and some language fixes. If this is new territory for your HD2, it'll require a little assistance from HardSPL (for unlocking), MAGLDR (the bootloader), and the proper radio file, but it seems like a worthwhile pursuit. After all, there's no sense in keeping this handset cooped up in the old folks home -- it's bound to rile up the nurses.

[Thanks, Ehsan]