HTC HD2 runs Windows Phone 7, makes us yearn for more (video)

HTC HD2 owners have been trying to shoehorn Windows Phone 7 onto their hapless devices practically since day one, but it looks like a port won't make it into the wild before the platform's formal US launch. That doesn't mean you should give up hope, however, because one variant seems to be at least partway done, winding its merry way from boot through the splash screen and deep into the speedy UI in a far more convincing video demo than the last one that hit our inbox. Though no apps are actually demonstrated nor so much as a basic phone call (pretty please?), multitouch pinch-to-zoom appears to work just fine, and we've little doubt any remaining quirks will be worked out in due time -- if not nearly as soon as new HTC HD7 owners migrating from the HD2 might have liked. Video after the break.

Update: Here comes a new, 5-minute video of the purportedly WP7-equipped HD2 (via / Pocketnow), this time side-by-side with the Surround and with expanded functionality -- Office, Zune, and more. Video is also, as you might've guessed, after the break.

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