Hellgate shows off its new Duel Areas

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.11.11

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Hellgate shows off its new Duel Areas
No matter how bad the environmental conditions might be in Hellgate, that's no reason to eschew one of the time-honored traditions of MMOs everywhere: PvP. But the game's relaunch won't just be including the original PvP elements, and one of the newer additions has just been highlighted -- the Duel Areas. This new addition allows players to face off against one another on specially designed maps, complete with dynamic elements on each map to keep battles unique.

With four different maps to choose from and a number of pre-fight variables, the Duel Areas are limited at the moment by the fact that only deathmatch games are available within. Killing opponents will reward players with PvP experience, leading to valuable rewards for future PvP matches. Check out the video previews for two of the new arenas just after the break, something that should be enough to get Hellgate players excited as the game moves toward release.

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