HP rolls out the YouTube carpet for TouchPad slate, prices accessories (video)

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|06.13.11

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HP rolls out the YouTube carpet for TouchPad slate, prices accessories (video)
Now that HP's TouchPad has a confirmed July 1st release date, the company's going to do its darnedest to make sure you're excited for the slate, and the company's starting off rather well if you ask us -- instead of attempting to find a new anthem, it's simply showing off what the dual-core tablet actually does. The nine YouTube videos after the break may not be the most exciting things you'll watch all day, but they certainly do show off the multitasking magic of HP's card-based operating system. If that's not nearly enough TouchPad information, though, Geekazine also taped a 37-minute conversation with HP product manager Tim Pettitt, where he reveals that the final TouchPad won't have a traditional gesture area, but it will recognize the traditional swipe up for opening and closing apps. By the by, all the TouchPad's accessories have now been priced: you'll drop $30 for a charger, $50 for the official folding case, $70 for the Bluetooth keyboard, and $80 for the new Touchstone dock. Pricey.

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