Massively Exclusive: Battle of the Immortals Titan update lore blog

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Massively Exclusive: Battle of the Immortals Titan update lore blog
Perfect World Entertainment's Battle of the Immortals -- which hit its one year anniversary just last month -- is gearing up for its upcoming Titan update. Precious little information about this upcoming addition to the game has been released (all we know right now is that two new instances will be introduced, along with updates to the game's existing features), but today PWE has treated us to an exclusive tidbit of lore to fill players in on the events leading up to the update.

Unfortunately, that's about all we have in regard to this brand-new update, but be sure to check back with us from time to time because we'll be keeping you up to date on all the freshest information on Battle of the Immortals and its Titan update as the news drops. So without further ado, head on past the cut for the first lore blog post from Battle of the Immortals' Titan update.

As swords clash and spells fly, the Immortals have rallied under a single driving force: to search for the three divine relics that can find Odin, the God-King. With the first of these three artifacts found, it would almost seem that victory is in sight for these valorous heroes.

It is in these moments when the Light shines the brightest, however, that the Darkness casts its largest shadows.

On the peak of Mount Olympus, traitorous blood endangers all the Immortals have fought so dearly to gain. Demitrios, High Priest of Motenia, begins a morbid blood ritual. Once a man of great faith and piety, a hero of Motenia who led the Immortals into battle against the Dragon Emperor, has fallen in battle. Corrupted by those that he warred against and twisted with hatred for those he thinks abandoned him, he commits his greatest act of divine power yet: the corruption of Cronos, King of Gods.

High atop Mount Olympus at The Titan's Throne, Demitrios begins his twisted ritual. Invoking ancient rites and forbidden dark magicks, he awakens the slumbering God-King. Crying out to Cronos, Demitrios plunges a dagger deep into his heart and offers up his own blood, black as tar and just as thick, as a sacrifice. In that moment, Cronos, once benevolent and just, becomes infused with all of the hatred, all of the torment and all of the bitter agony in Demitrios' soul. With a roar that makes the Heavens themselves quake, Cronos lurches from his resting place to wage war upon the Immortals!

The fate of the world is once again resting in the hands of those brave few that could dare to stand in the path of Cronos' vicious might. The heroic Immortals of Motenia must venture high up Mount Olympus to wage war upon The Titan's Throne and muster the strength, the will and the courage needed to defeat the God of Kings himself, the mighty Cronos!
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