Samsung Smart TV platform installed base passes two million, adds BBC News app

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Samsung Smart TV platform installed base passes two million, adds BBC News app
While finding out precisely how many people are actually using its apps (over 100 million downloaded) is still tricky, Samsung has proudly announced there are over two million units out there packing its Smart TV platform. That count includes over 730,000 units in North America alone, and according to the company, outpaces the initial uptake of LED lit TVs. Of course, having a Samsung Apps store is nothing without apps to put in it, and over the UK there's a new BBC News app that is currently available exclusively on the Samsung platform. If you've picked up one of the TVs with the dual sided remote, let us know how it's going so far in the comments below.

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Samsung Smart TV Marked 2M Unit Milestone

Its widest lineup, customized UI, differentiated functionality, and enriched content is key to steady sales growth.

SEOUL, Korea – June 17, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., said its Smart TV unveiled this year surpassed 2 million units in cumulative sales recently, which is a remarkable record achieved within just three months since its launching,

It hit the global stage last March, and after that, Samsung Smart TV has marked several key sales milestones to date. Within just 25 days in early April, Samsung boasted half million units of sales, and its cumulative sales surpassed a whopping 1 million units within 45 days in late April. Since then, more than 150,000 units in average have been sold weekly, surpassing the 2 million mark recently.

This means that average 22,000 units and 15.4 units were sold daily and minutely respectively, which is an unprecedented record compared to the fact that it took eight months LED TV to pass the same milestone in the past. This reinforces its brand reputation as "Smart TV = Samsung."

Samsung Smart TV was most popular in North America-one of the largest TV markets in the world- with 730,000 units sold, followed by developed TV markets in Europe such as UK, Germany, France, Italy with 710,000 units sold.

In the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, where Smart TVs were launched later, about 170,000 units were sold, proving its growing popularity there. And in Korea alone, the number of Samsung Smart TVs sold upon its launching was more than 120,000 units, showing a steadily growing demand.

Samsung Smart TV's sales success was made possible by its widest product lineup, user interface-perfectly optimized for Smart TV-differentiated smart functionality and enriched content which provide what consumers want.

Samsung Electronics also opened up the era of Smart TV popularization by launching the 32-inch D6000 series, and in May, it rolled out the world's largest 75-inch D9500 premium series-widening consumers' choices with the full Smart TV lineup each by function, size and pricing.

With Samsung Smart TV, users can enjoy smart tips, smart search, social networking, web browser, and Samsung Apps TV all via Smart Hub-a customized user interface.

At the same time, Smart Hub's well arranged main menu allows them to look through a wide array of content at a glance which is just a click away.

One of Samsung's key differentiation points is its Qwerty remote control with which users easily enjoy all smart TV functions, not just as an ordinary remote. Built-in wireless dongle is also another notable smart function, ensuring the most optimized Internet environment to be provided for users without additional costs.

Samsung Apps TV is the world's first HDTV-based application store, offering more apps than anyone else at more than 600 worldwide-meeting consumers' vast needs across games, education, movies, and lifestyle. More content is being updated at a quick clip.

"Samsung Smart TV delivers the most optimized smart experience, while being faithful to TV's original features such as picture quality and design. Offering both product convenience and enriched content is the secret behind the success of our Smart TV," said Sang-Chul Lee, senior vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. "We expect that along with D7000 and D8000, our further expanded models will drive up our Smart TV sales in the second half of this year,

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