VZW leak teases HTC Thunderbolt update: Skype Video, Android 2.3.4 coming June 30th?

It's taken Verizon Wireless a painfully long time to get here, but it looks like the HTC Thunderbolt -- the carrier's once flagship 4G LTE device -- might finally be getting the much talked about, but not-quite-officially delivered Skype with Video. We first brought you news of a leaked build back in April, but if this rumored June 30th release pans out, you'll get to experience mobile video chat with your honeybun first-hand, as well as some Android 2.3.4 loving. As is the case with most carrier updates, Big Red appears to be loading this one up with some goodies -- not just bloatware. Sure, the requisite VZW apps are on-board, but how's about some Gtalk Video, a pre-loaded Amazon Appstore, and a handy fix for those irritating reboots? Keep in mind, we're still firmly planted in rumor territory, but it does seem like Thunderbolt owners are getting closer to the initial dream.