Elsword Online unlocks the doors to two new dungeons

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.22.11

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Elsword Online unlocks the doors to two new dungeons
The comic book action-fest Elsword Online got a little bigger today, as Kill3rCombo expanded the newly launched title with additional dungeons, enemies and quests.

The dungeons -- Nasod Foundry and Altera Core -- will offer tougher challenges to the three main characters, while 24 new quests should help to keep the playerbase busy. Since dungeons are run repeatedly, two new locales will be welcome across the board.

When they're not beating up the bad guys, the principal characters can now learn a third cash skill and earn one of two new titles: Hero of Ponggo and Hero of Sonic. No, not the hedgehog or fast-food chain (we checked).

You can get a peek at Nasod Foundry and Altera Core in the gallery below, and don't forget to check out our first impressions of Elsword Online from last month!
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