Everything around you is decaying, and this is what it sounds like (video)

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Everything around you is decaying, and this is what it sounds like (video)
Forget that math music nerd debate, there's no controversy here -- only the sweet, sweet sounds of cascading gamma rays. Working with Nuclear Safety and Training Group, KTH and nuclear physicists from AlbaNova University Centre's KSU, Swedish art collective Kollektivet Livet pieced together interactive software that mutates ionizing radiation into polarizing music. Incorporating all 3,175 known isotopes, the Radioactive Orchestra allows users to tweak decay rate and scale resulting in a personalized, hipster head-boppin glitch-hop track. We admit this sounds like old Bjork (doesn't all bloopy music?), but it's pretty nifty considering this is the sound of environmental decay. The project also has a more noble intent -- one aimed at swapping your radioactive fears for PC-acceptance. We're not sure this is going to get the unseen 'terror' onto anyone's Facebook Like list, but it will provide a good thirty minute distraction. Headphone nutters should plug-in for the full video after the break.

[Thanks, Alexander]

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