Game Gear mod has five-inch screen, rechargable batteries, two pounds worth of memories

Are Nintendo and Sony's portable gaming offerings not doing anything for you? Yearn for the days of Hedgehog-based adventure? You're not alone -- though, unless you're as crafty as "lovablechevy," you're going to have to settle for whatever you can find on eBay or in a dusty shoebox under a bed at your parents' house. The modder resurrected a Game Gear with a custom case created using the beloved Sega portable, a Master Gear converter, a screen from a PS One, and assorted other bits and pieces. The franken-portable can play Game Gear and Master System titles, has a rechargeable battery, and weighs a hefty two-plus pounds. Video after the break and lots more jealousy-inducing images in the Source link below.