Nokia commits to N9 support, gives MeeGo a reprieve for 'years' to come

Stephen Elop is certainly over MeeGo, but considering Nokia's promised commitment to Symbian, you didn't really think the company would simply abandon the infant OS and star of its flagship N9 handset, did you? No, it seems that Nokia will be supporting MeeGo for years to come, with several software updates and ample positive vibes coming from Espoo. The goodwill arrives courtesy of Nokia's Head of Portfolio Management, Klas Ström, and is an important step toward assuaging the "dead end" perception that Mr. Elop may have instilled. Whether the developer curiosity otherwise known as the Nokia N950 will receive a similar outpouring of love has yet to be established, but if not... perhaps the MeeGo community can pick up the slack. Hey, it never hurts to dream, folks.