Redesigned Droid Bionic wants to fight you, shows up in leaked Best Buy ad

Motorola has sure been taking its sweet time with the Droid Bionic. But hey -- better late than busted, right? We got some hands-on time with the LTE handset way back in January, only to get word in April that the device was going back into hiding while the company made "several enhancements." Rumors about said improvements have popped up in the meantime, and the device has made an appearance on the FCC, but Motorola hasn't done all that much talking about the upcoming smartphone. Looks like the handset may finally be getting its day in the sun -- a newly-leaked Best Buy ad offers up some familiar specs and tough-talking advertising copy, as well as the enticing and vaguely threatening promise that the Bionic is "coming soon." It's worth noting that a Droid Bionic accessory page has been live at Best Buy since February, but sadly, not even this ad gets us closer to a cemented release date.