Nokia Perks leaked, ready to take on Groupon (video)

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Nokia Perks leaked, ready to take on Groupon (video)
If you're looking to score deals and discounts online you've got plenty of choices -- Groupon, LivingSocial, GiltCity, Google Offers -- and yet, Nokia seems to think the world needs one more such service. The sleuths over at ZOMGitsCj spotted a video on Vimeo from the struggling handset maker (since removed) introducing Nokia Perks. The premise is pretty simple -- pop over to (currently offline), browse for deals and coupons, and click save on any you care to cash in. The discounts you pick are automatically sent to your phone and, just like Groupon, all you need to do is show the barcode to the register jockey. As a nice added touch, Perks also pops up directions to the store in the mapping app. For those who prefer motion visuals, a vid's hosted up after the break.

[Thanks, Oliver]

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