Firemint's Agent Squeek becomes Spy Mouse, gets a new trailer

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.13.11

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Firemint's Agent Squeek becomes Spy Mouse, gets a new trailer

It's been interesting watching the development of Firemint's next iPhone game -- I saw it in action way back at GDC 2010, but back then it was just a prototype without a name or even anything more than a few mechanics. More recently it was revealed as Agent Squeek, and looked like it was coming together as a worthy followup to the studio's other big hits, Flight Control and Real Racing. Firemint is almost a completely different company since I first saw this game, however (having both merged with Infinite Interactive and been bought out by giant EA), and so it's not too surprising that the game has undergone a marketing revamp -- it will now be called Spy Mouse, and there's a new trailer below.

As you can see, there's not a lot of gameplay in the new trailer, so it's unclear if the game itself has changed very much since we last saw it. It's hard to think it has, given that the line-drawing/stealth title that was Agent Squeeks seems to work just as well as Spy Mouse (or SPY Mouse, if you want to surrender to the weird capitalization). We'll keep an eye out for more on this one, as a release is probably coming soon.

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