Remote Potato brings your Media Center HD video to the iPad

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|07.13.11

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We suppose it isn't surprising that Windows 7 Media Center isn't tightly integrated with iOS devices, but even the cable company's DVR has an app these days, so why not. In this case an independent developer has felt the need to fill the gap, and this is where Remote Potato HD for the iPad comes it. In addition to its guide and DVR management functionality, it also allows you to stream content to your iPad at home or on the go, or event to an AirPlay device, as well as sync music for offline access, or just look at pictures. We gave it a quick go and found, it was easy to setup and offered great picture quality. The bad news is the software was not without its quirks, including slow loading guide data. One feature we were disappointed was missing, was that resume on the iPad didn't pick up where we left off on the big screen. Just one of a few things we'll be looking for when 2.0 rolls around, but for now check out the embedded video after the break.
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