Cowon D3 firmware update brings Android 2.3, now treats your fingers as well as your ears

Hey there, high roller. If you splurged on Cowon's beautiful, profoundly expensive D3 Plenue, you've probably wondered when you'd get an upgrade from Android 2.1. Well, that day is today, as the company's released an updated, Gingerbread-based firmware. The new code adds some miscellaneous new features – a sleep timer for the music app, some more music search options, and VoIP – and ought to improve system stability. It also promises better touch responsiveness, which we hope alleviates the sluggishness that made the little PMP so difficult to use. If similar frustration with your D3 rendered it an elegant paperweight, glide over to the source link to see if the update soothes your pain.

[Thanks, Stefan]