T-Mobile Name ID finally brings true caller ID to your cellphone

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Who Are YouIf you're still rockin' a landline you probably take caller ID for granted at this point and, if you're a mobile only kinda person, you might not even realize your cellphone lacks it. But, the truth is, until now true caller ID has never been available from America's wireless carriers. There were a number of technical hurdles that stood in the way, but today those are officially crumbling as T-Mobile is launching Name ID in conjunction with Cequint, the company behind City ID. Instead of just checking an incoming call against your list of local contacts, the number is also fed through a larger database of publicly listed ones. Any match is displayed when you receive the call and, if the person isn't already in your phonebook, you can easily add them with a tap. Of course, this sort of convenience doesn't come free -- T-Mo will be charging $3.99 a month for Name ID service. At first only Exhibit 4G owners will be able to sign up, but other handsets (including the myTouch 4G Slide) will be added to the list of compatible devices later. Check out the PR after the break.

Update: So looks like T-Mo was not first out the box with wireless caller ID here in the US: MetroPCS has offered it for some time and Sprint partnered with Privus Mobile back in March to offer similar features.

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Name Caller ID Introduced to Wireless by T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile Customers Gain More Control over Mobile Calling

SEATTLE, WA - July 13, 2011 - Cequint announced today the availability of Name ID from T-Mobile USA, Inc., the first implementation of Caller ID - one of the most popular features in the history of telecommunications - by a major wireless carrier in the U.S. Name ID is now available from T-Mobile on the Samsung ExhibitTM 4G, and will soon be available on additional handsets including the T-Mobile myTouch® 4G Slide expected to be available this month.

The enhanced Caller ID service is engineered by Cequint, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TNS, Inc. (NYSE: TNS). Similar to traditional landline Caller ID, Name ID securely accesses operator-validated name information managed by TNS, and displays it on the incoming call screen to reveal the name, city and state of previously unknown callers who are not stored in a mobile phone's contacts or address book. The service also allows T-Mobile customers to add new contact information to their mobile phone's contact list with a single click, making it easier and more convenient for customers to save contacts for future communication.

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"Before Name ID for mobile phones, deciding whether or not to answer an unfamiliar call often left customers guessing. Now Name ID allows T-Mobile customers to more easily determine which calls to answer, and whether they want to immediately add the new caller's information to their list of contacts," said Brad Duea, senior vice president, T-Mobile USA. "Providing the names of previously unknown callers simply gives our customers more control over incoming calls."

Rick Hennessey, CEO, Cequint said, "It's human nature to want more control over how and with whom we communicate. T-Mobile is empowering customers to more easily screen their calls by revealing who's calling. This core service is useful on a daily basis."


Name ID service is available out-of-the-box on select handsets and is planned to be integrated on additional T-Mobile devices in the future. T-Mobile is currently offering a free 10-day trial of the service, after which Name ID is available for a monthly recurring charge of $3.99.

About Cequint

Founded in 2004 by executives that helped pioneer call screening technologies, Seattle-based Cequint is a leading provider of mobile Caller ID products and enhanced interactive services. With millions of handsets released to date, Cequint works with leading OEMs to integrate their patented Caller ID solutions for distribution through top mobile operators. For more information on the company, its products or technology, please visit www.cequint.com.

About Transaction Network Services

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions. TNS offers a broad range of networks and innovative value-added services which enables transactions and the exchange of information in diverse industries such as retail, banking, payment processing, telecommunications and the financial markets.

Founded in 1990 in the United States, TNS has grown steadily and now provides services in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with our reach extending to many more. TNS has designed and implemented multiple data networks which support a variety of widely accepted communications protocols and are designed to be scalable and accessible by multiple methods. For further information about TNS, visit www.tnsi.com. 'One Connection, A World of Opportunities'.

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