Woman publishes book filled with 12 years of her personal texts

Brad Molen
B. Molen|07.13.11

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Woman publishes book filled with 12 years of her personal texts
The Most Interesting Man in the World's got nothing on Tracey Moberly. She's either incredibly exciting or is acquainted with plenty of people that are, because over the course of twelve years she's collected enough interesting texts to publish a book about them. We can't imagine saving and compiling thousands upon thousands of SMS messages -- let alone weaving them together into intricate stories and life lessons -- but it sounds like she's received more than enough interesting texts to make Text me up! worth a peek. A book about texts may sound boring, but the novel isn't just full of threaded conversations; Tracey's interspersed it with commentary and illustrations of her own, making it a rather unique (and comprehensive) take on the various trials and joys we face in everyday life. Regardless of how successful the book is, it's nigh impossible to read our own incoming messages the same way again. Check out the six-minute video that shows Tracey being interviewed after the break.

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