The MMO Report: The no-class edition

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The MMO Report: The no-class edition
This week the MMO Report was shot at 12 o'clock Tyrian Standard Time, which most likely means that you were fast asleep or eating lunch. To help you catch up on what you may have missed, we will give you a quick overview of what Casey Schreiner had to say about this week's MMO news.

First off, the host extraordinaire mentions Massively by name when regarding the new hide-outs in the Champions Online. It appears he is most fond of the Mother's Basement venue. However, the Moon Base may have caught his eye, too. Secondly, Casey reaffirms his love for EVE Online, or not... maybe it is just his enthralling voice that keeps us glued to our computer monitors as he discusses the trailer that tells us why we should love EVE. Next, our intrepid host stealthily guides us through all the non-American names associated with the surreal MMO Glitch. Lastly, he breezes over the new The Secret World trailer before reaching into his glorious mail bag and pulling out some memes.

Jump past the cut to witness the full splendor of this week's MMO Report, and don't miss next week's Fan Faire edition that is all about SOE's event in Los Vegas.

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