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Grundig Digta 7 stakes claim as world's first Bluetooth dictation device, period, line break

Grundig Digta 7 stakes claim as world's first Bluetooth dictation device, period, line break
Sharif Sakr
Sharif Sakr|July 18, 2011 9:33 AM
Grundig reckons its customers still prefer "dictating with a professional dictation device," rather than merely "recording" themselves with a smartphone. Say what? Nevertheless, the company's new Digta 7 Premium BT voice recorder does embrace modernity in its own particular way, by sharing files wirelessly at up to 30 feet with Bluetooth-equipped smartphones and PCs. A Blackberry app is also in the works that will allow the customized routing of audio files via email. No official word on pricing, or when the app will be available, but our secretary tells us that the device is already selling in the UK for a stutter-inducing £500 ($800). We're still looking for justification in the PR, after the break.
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GBS: Sending Dictations Practically, On the Go – with Digta 7 Premium BT, the Bluetooth Dictation Device

Speech recognition for establishing dictation IDs quickly

NAPERVILLE, Ill--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Grundig Business Systems (GBS), one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional dictation systems, will release the Digta 7 Premium BT for delivery starting in July. This product is the world's first dictation device with a built-in Bluetooth module. It can be used, for example, to send a dictation via Bluetooth directly from the dictation device to a BlackBerry for automatic transfer, or to a Bluetooth-enabled PC.

"Our clients have repeatedly told us they prefer 'dictating' with a professional dictation device, as opposed to 'recording' with purely smartphone based tools. The Digta 7 Premium BT allows users to continue to dictate as they are used to, while taking advantage of their smartphone as the dictation file transmission method, further decreasing the transcription processing turnaround time," says GBS Managing Director Roland Hollstein. GBS will also release the "Dictation Blue" app for the BlackBerry, which will allow for customized routing of dictations via the secure e-mail client of the BlackBerry.

"With this innovative dictation device, our customers get to benefit from the excellent ergonomical design and sound quality of professional dictation devices, while enjoying the great flexibility of being able to send their dictations to their assistant any time, from anywhere, reflecting the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce. Their transcribed and formatted document could already be waiting for them when they return to the office," explains Mr. Hollstein. The Bluetooth device, when used for transmitting dictations in DSS, DSSPro or WAV format, has an operating range of around 15 to 30 feet.

New functions for easier dictation

The Digta 7 Premium BT is especially simple and intuitive to operate with its innovative Touch Pin slide switch. With the Touch Pin, the user can operate the dictation device by feel, as the Touch Pin protrudes slightly from the switch when set on 'stop'. Another special feature is the use of speech recognition for creating an alphanumeric dictation ID, also enabling the natural pronunciation of numbers. Dictation IDs can also be entered quickly and easily with the customizable text editor or a barcode scanner. Alternatively, data lists can be prepared in advance and loaded over to the dictation device.

For further information on the Digta 7 Premium BT as well as other models in the "Digta 7" dictation device line: www.digta7.com