IK Multimedia reveals iRig MIDI, SampleTank for iOS

IK Multimedia, makers of the iRig Mic, iRig for guitar, Amplitube for iOS, and many other exciting music products, has announced the iRig MIDI: a standard Core MIDI (music instrument digital interface) adapter for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The yet-to-be-released adapter will connect your iOS device with any MIDI compatible device (keyboards or electric drums, for example) to control a whole host of Apple Core MIDI-compatible apps, like GarageBand. Likewise, you can use these apps to control external MIDI gear through the iRig MIDI.

In addition to the standard IN and OUT ports found on current MIDI adapters, the iRig MIDI has a THRU input for more advanced MIDI applications. There's also a micro USB port to keep your device juiced up through those extra long performances.

To compliment the iRig MIDI adapter, IK has created an iOS version of SampleTank, optimized for live performance. SampleTank for iOS has a 1 GB on-board sample library of 500 instruments, including samples from IK's Miroslav Philharmonik and SampleMoog.

There's no word on a release date yet, but if you happen to be at the Summer NAMM Show, you can catch a glimpse of the new products there.

The iRig MIDI is set to retails at US$69.99. SampleTank for iOS will be available free from the iOS App store with in-app purchasing for expansion.

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