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Vizio Tablet tiptoes into retail, starting at Costco

We know it's been a long wait since CES, but after getting pawed at by both Blake Griffin and yours truly, the Vizio Tablet is starting to show up in stores right about on schedule. Frequent Engadget commenter DaHarder took a step away from the Disqus box and snagged this tablet at a local Costco store for $329 ($20 off the regular price), an achievement also unlocked by the folks at Mobileslate. According to their reports you may have to ask around to find out if the VTAB1008 is actually in stock but it may be lurking along with its $40 Accessories Kit, while it's already showing in stock on the Vizio online store. Impressions so far suggest a "budget" tablet experience above that of the flood of craptablets with decent hardware and battery life, but a software experience behind the top of the line slates due to the custom UI, small internal storage and RAM and slower single core Marvell CPU. Our review is yet to come, but if there's around three bills burning a hole in your pocket and you've just got to have an Android tablet with integrated IR blaster, we're not seeing too many other options available.

[Thanks, DaHarder]