Connected Panel connects iPad and cockpit

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Connected Panel connects iPad and cockpit

In the ever-increasing trend of iPads in aviation, whether that be in the cockpit or the cabin, iOS games or the next long-haul flight halfway around the world, iPads are becoming synonymous with flying. And Aspen Avionics is the latest to follow that trend, integrating the iPad even further into the avionics field with Connected Panel.

By installing the CG100 box, a wireless transmitter that connects with the plane's electronic avionics behind the cockpit panel, pilots will have control over flight communications, navigation and more, all from their iPad. And at just US$2500 for the CG100 box, it's touted as being the cheaper alternative to traditional wireless avionics systems.

Better still, this is the first of many more Connected Panel enabled apps on the way, partnering with other aviation companies as well as opening the Connected Panel technology to third party developers.

Check out the Connected Panel promo video below, and click here for further information.

[Via Macworld]

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