Square Enix earnings drop, lack of 'major title releases' to blame

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Square Enix earnings drop, lack of 'major title releases' to blame
Square Enix reported a quarter that's likely to have executives as irritable and glum as the protagonist of your average Final Fantasy game. In the quarter ended June 11, the company reported net sales of ¥24.5 billion ($312 million), down 25% year over year. Net income was down 62%, at ¥690 million ($8.8 million).

"In a quarter without major title releases," said president Yoichi Wada, "our Group's sales and profit were lower compared to the previous fiscal year. At the same time, however, we are making solid progress toward our targets for the full fiscal year ending March 2012." As far as successes, Wada named the browser-based Sengoku Ixa and Nicotto Town (above) -- services exclusive to the Japanese market.

The rest of the fiscal year is also surprisingly Japan-focused, with only one game scheduled to be released from the Eidos side of the company between now and March, namely Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Also due in the west: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (January in North America, "Early 2012" in Europe), and Dragon Quest spinoff games Fortune Street and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, both published by Nintendo.
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