DC Universe Online merging regular servers into MegaServers this Monday

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|08.07.11

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DC Universe Online merging regular servers into MegaServers this Monday
DC Universe Online's rapidly approaching MegaServers unification program will be joining heroic forces together, whether they like it or not. The costumed crime-fighting MMO's 26 worldwide servers are set to be merged into 4 "MegaServers;" 1 PC and 1 PS3 server for the US, with twin servers created for the EU.

Previously hailed as "Super-Servers," MegaServers will give players the ability to switch between PvP and PvE styles of gameplay, and hopefully, new people to actually play with. The merge will begin for EU servers on Monday morning, with US servers following on Tuesday and Wednesday. As is the way with these things, some players will be forced to change their names after the merge, as two characters cannot exist with the same name on the same server. Head past the break for a few new name suggestions, as well as a full list of which servers are merging where.

If you're forced by circumstance to change your crime-fighting (or crime-causing) pseudonym, here are a few suggestions:
  • Captain Fisthammer
  • Hammer Captainfist
  • Captain Hammerfist
  • Fist Hammercaptain
  • Punch Giver
  • xXChOasBlaDexX
  • Man-man
  • The Tiny Condor
  • Admiral Anchorman
  • Trampoline Terror

Additionally, here's a handy list to help you know where you'll end up after the merge:

Current server (MegaServer):

Bloodstorm (EU PC)
In Brightest Day (EU PC)
Looking For Trouble (EU PC)
Reality Lost (EU PC)
Absolute Power (EU PS3)
Crossfire (EU PS3)
For All Seasons (EU PS3)
Justice For All (EU PS3)
Brave New World (US PC)
Cry For Blood (US PC)
Darkness Falls (US PC)
Death and Glory (US PC)
Last Laugh (US PC)
New Frontier (US PC)
Public Enemies (US PC)
Virtue and Vice (US PC)
Zero Hour (US PC)
Birthright (US PS3)
Blood Will Run (US PS3)
Countdown (US PS3)
Crisis (US PS3)
Justice (US PS3)
No Man's Land (US PS3)
Redemption (US PS3)
Relentless (US PS3)
The Killing Joke (US PS3)
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