Du.static dust-busting concept clears the air, won't vanquish Voldemort

Avada Keduster! That's right Potter fans, magic may not be real (sorry), but if Du.static ever makes it to market, get set to eliminate household dust with the flourish of a wand. Designed by Hongik University's Won Suk Lee, this 2011 Spring Spark Concept Design winner combines the functionality of a feather duster and air purifier, into a two-in-one, Hershey-kissed silhouette. The standalone unit's base-mounted induction fan sucks your room's filth into a fine particle filter, releasing fresh air out its other end, while an LED light keeps track of environmental detritus -- signaling red for "polluted" and blue as "pure enough." Impressive powers of purification aside, we have a feeling its removable electrostatic stick cleaner is going to get more cosplay (and cleaning) mileage. Head to the source now for extra shots of the device in action and while you're at, petition Dyson for its real-world equivalent.