Go edging and win free games, your name in Edge, coming soon to MAS

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.09.11

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Go edging and win free games, your name in Edge, coming soon to MAS

You may remember Edge, the iOS game that picked up a little bit of controversy for a disagreement over the name's trademark. That disagreement has been settled, and the title is now coming out on Steam on August 11, and the Mac App Store a few days after that. To celebrate, Mobiegame and fellow developer Two Tribes are holding an "edging" contest with a very nice prize. Winners will receive each company's entire game catalog, including Edge, Toki Tori, the popular 2D RTS Swords and Soldiers and plenty more. Plus, the winner will get their name included in the Steam release of Edge. You'll be immortalized in the title forever.

To enter, you need to take a video of yourself "edging," which is an activity similar to the recent fad of "planking," where you try to hang on to any overhead edge for as long as possible. You can watch the contest announcement video for some goofy examples of how to (and how not to) do it. Seems simple enough to me.

Videos have to be submitted by August 15, so get edging right away. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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