ArcheAge video shows off unusual transportation options

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|08.12.11

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ArcheAge video shows off unusual transportation options
ArcheAge - transportation
We've stumbled across another ArcheAge video, and unlike the last such that focused heavily on PvP, this time around we get a good look at some of the sandpark title's unique transportation alternatives.

There are a gaggle of mounts on display, and with apologies to our Korean friends who will no doubt correct us in due time, we're just going to call them like we see them. Aside from your traditional horse and rider option there's also what appears to be some sort of spotted lion as well as a curious cross between a tauntaun and a bunny rabbit.

We also get a glimpse of some city-based transport systems including a steampunk-esque horse and floating carriage (with some sort of mechanical contraption filling in for the horse), as well as the hang-gliding option we saw previously in the ChinaJoy trailer. Finally, there's more footage of the famous airship that's been featured in several previous ArcheAge clips. Head past the cut to see the sights.

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