Revell and World of Tanks form model tank alliance

Revell tank model - World of Tanks

Raise your hand if you're male, you're over 30, and you have fond memories of building plastic model kits as a kid. Now that we've probably eliminated half the population of this website, those of you remaining (or those of you looking for a gift for a nerdy loved one) may get a kick out of's latest press release. The strategy gamemaker has partnered up with Revell, one of the oldest model manufacturers in existence, to cross-promote some of the heavy armor featured in World of Tanks.

Many of the game's tanks are already featured in Revell's replica product line, and the company has been offering true-to-life scale model kits of tanks, aircraft, automobiles, ships, and many other kinds of vehicles since the early 1940s. Revell recently dipped a toe into radio-controlled modeling as well, and the company will be demoing an RC tank at the World of Tanks Gamescom booth later this month. In return, will appear at Revell's booth during the Hobby Spiel exhibition in Leipzig this coming October.