Jade Dynasty unveiling the Path of Glory

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|08.17.11

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Jade Dynasty unveiling the Path of Glory
It's okay, guys, she's in snow but she's not sad.
Whether you're an old hand in Jade Dynasty or you've been playing for as long as the game has been around, Perfect World Entertainment wants you to start back from the beginning. But not out of malice -- no, it's because the game's new expansion, Path of Glory, is just around the corner. And when one of the centerpieces of the expansion is a completely revamped main storyline, wouldn't you want to give that revamp all of your attention?

Maybe not? Well, there are going to be more features in the expansion, too -- features such as gems to socket into equipment for improved stats and a new clan instance to fight for glory. But maybe all you need to see is an impressive trailer for the update -- and look, we've got just that right past the cut here. So jump on past that break and take a look at some of the images associated with the upcoming expansion.

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