ThinkFlood releases RedEye remote control app for Android, makes it even easier to sit around

Nearly two years after releasing their Red Eye app for iOS users, the convenience enthusiasts over at ThinkFlood have now brought the universal remote control to the Android community, as well. The app, which was released in beta a few months ago, allows users to remotely control their non-networked home theater, lighting and air conditioning systems from the comfort of their tablets, laptops or smartphones. Version 2.7.0 also brings plenty of customizable graphics and layouts, for those looking to add a more personal touch to their lives of leisure. Compatible with any device running Android 1.6 or later (including tablets running Honeycomb), the app features a built-in TV program guide that can be used with any display, but in order to take advantage of its other home theater controls, you'll have to purchase networked ThinkFlood hardware products like RedEye or RedEye Pro (it's not compatible with RedEye mini). If you're interested in downloading the tool for free, check out the source links below, or click past the break for more details, in the full PR.

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RedEye Networked Remote Controls Move Beyond iOS

ThinkFlood's RedEye networked remote controls now in full production release for Android and PC

Waltham, MA – August 18, 2011 – ThinkFlood today announced production availability of the Android version of their RedEye application. Together with award-winning RedEye hardware, the RedEye app allows consumers to control their home theater, lighting, HVAC, and other equipment using common networked devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

In 2009, ThinkFlood launched RedEye as the first universal remote control solution to leverage the power of iPhone and iPod touch devices to control non-networked electronics in the home via a Wi-Fi network.

Now RedEye customers can also use Android phones and tablets alongside iOS devices and even personal computers to control equipment in their homes.

The RedEye Android app is compatible with networked RedEye products (RedEye and RedEye Pro) and supports devices running Android 1.6 and later, including 3.0 (Honeycomb) for tablets. RedEye is currently the only remote control platform compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

More than a Smartphone Accessory
ThinkFlood representatives say that their original intention with RedEye products was not to turn the iPhone into a remote control, but rather to enable the control of non-networked devices over the Internet.

"The iPhone was a great start for us because it is such an elegant and popular device. But it was never our goal to have an exclusively iOS platform," said Matt Eagar, founder and president of ThinkFlood. "Instead, we designed RedEye with the idea that you can pick up any networked device – iPhone, PC, Android device – and control your system from anywhere you have a network connection."

"When you take a multipurpose device like a smartphone or PC and attempt to use it as a replacement for a dedicated device like a traditional remote control, you can't simply copy the functionality of the dedicated device," remarked Craig Materick, ThinkFlood's lead software architect.

"With RedEye, the benefits outweigh the costs," Materick continued. "For example, phone calls never interrupt you when using a dedicated remote control, but when using a smartphone they do. Rather than let this be a problem, RedEye allows you to use any networked device as a controller – so when one phone is unavailable, you can switch to using RedEye on another device – whether it's a tablet, laptop or another phone. This flexibility has other benefits – namely, that each person in your house can have their own controller, and they can control the system from just about anywhere."

RedEye systems include the following optimizations for smartphones and PCs:

Multi-user support. Use any networked device (personal computer, smartphone, or tablet) to control the system.

Control from anywhere. As long as you have a network connection, you can control your system – from any room in the house, or even away from home.

Automatic synchronization. Each controller automatically detects the system configuration through the RedEye hardware, so adding a new controller is effortless. Also allows one person to pick up controlling right where another left off.

Complete customization. Organize not only common activities, but also unique button layouts appropriate for each activity, right down to the graphical look and feel.

Platform-appropriate shortcuts. On iOS, multi-touch and motion gestures and on Android and PC, keyboard shortcuts allow for easy operation without looking down at the screen when controlling.

RedEye hardware can be purchased online from ThinkFlood and is available from dealers and retailers worldwide, in more than 60 countries.

Download the latest version of the RedEye application from the Android marketplace or iTunes.