Autodesk Motion FX for OS X Lion arrives on the Mac App Store

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Autodesk, developers of the amazing AutoCAD and Sketchbook apps for the Mac, has just released a new free app that is not only a lot of fun, but could be useful to amateur filmmakers. Motion FX for OS X Lion is a 25.1 MB app that requires Lion and creates "stunning real-time video effects using your computer's camera."

The app is powered by the brains of the Autodesk Maya software, applying real-time fluid dynamics technology to create effects that react in real-time to movements. There are five modes available -- motion detect, which streams the effects from motion detected by the camera; face detect, which emits effects from visible faces in the camera's field of view; color detect, which blasts effects from only specific colors on the screen; effect paint, which lets users "draw" the effects using a mouse or trackpad; and video warp, which warps video using a mouse or trackpad.

The app allows saving of screenshots with a tap of the spacebar, supports Lion's full-screen mode, and supports multiple cameras. Motion FX also supports multiple displays, which Autodesk touts as useful for VJs and performance artists who can use one display to control the app and another to project to an audience.

If the description above doesn't really explain to you what Motion FX does, then the video below will.

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