Spy Mouse is Firemint's latest iOS joint, available now

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Spy Mouse is Firemint's latest iOS joint, available now
We don't take very kindly to pesky rodents sneaking around our places of residence, and we like the concept of said rodents spying on us even less. Still, we can get down with some Firemint-developed iOS games and tell you about the studio's latest title: Spy Mouse, wherein a sneaky vermin codenamed "Agent Squeak" can navigate 72 different themed levels while avoiding enemies, grabbing cheese, and employing a variety of power-ups.

Considering that Spy Mouse is from the folks who created Flight Control, it's not a huge surprise that it looks like a twist on that game's control scheme and central concept, albeit with many fewer paths to address. Firemint head Rob Murray claims that, after two years working on the new game, it's "Firemint's best game yet." It's available now for $0.99.%Gallery-131661%
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