Engadget NYC Reader Meetup recap

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|08.26.11

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What can we say? It was an amazing night. We filled the joint to capacity, made about a million new friends, smashed (and fixed!) an iPad 2 live on stage, and literally had so much stuff to give away that we ran out of time. The staff is still buzzing (and our ears still ringing) after a fantastic night in the City, and we're hugely thankful for everyone who came out last night to party with us. And, of course, we're hugely thankful to our sponsors that helped to make it possible, including Motorola, Get-a-Game, RIM, HTC, Samsung, and AT&T -- who brought artist Matt Siren to create a little art live. We have a time-lapse video of that coming together after the break, along with footage of what happens when a set of in-line skates meet up with the display on an iPad 2 provided by uBreakiFix. Spoiler alert: it ain't pretty.

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