Philips Fidelio for Android speaker docks get your little green robot bumpin'

Philips' line of smartphone-connected sound systems has been all up on iOS for quite sometime, but now Fidelio's ready to show Android some love. The outfit just outed three new Android-ready speaker docks -- the AS851, AS351 and AS111 -- and is set to debut the flossy Fidelios at IFA this week. These new docks are so anxious to get close to your Android handset, that they're rocking a micro-USB connector that adjusts in three dimensions to allow just about any phone to stand tall in portrait or kick back in landscape. Either way, the phone syncs the jams via Bluetooth and a dedicated app. The biggie of the bunch, the AS851, promises "lifelike, distortion-less music" and 30 watts of RMS power, while the smaller AS351 lets you take the show on the road with both AC and battery options and bumps 10 watts of RMS. The smallest of the three, the AS111, is dubbed as a bedside companion. There's no word on pricing or when the docks will have your Android getting up with the get down, but we do have full PR for you after the break.%Gallery-132393%

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September 01, 2011
Philips unveils new Fidelio docking speakers for Android

Berlin, Germany – Philips is adding to its successful series of Fidelio docking speakers with a new range for Android smartphones and tablets, which will be launched at IFA. The Fidelio docking speakers for Android™ are based on the same speaker systems as the Fidelio for Apple range, so you can be sure to enjoy a stunning sound from your Android phone or tablet but with all the functionality you need for a simple experience.

As the micro USB connector on Android smartphones are placed in different positions and orientations on each phone, Philips has developed a unique connector design that adjusts in three dimensions to hold any phone in both portrait and landscape positions. This means you can dock and charge most Android phones and your phone will always be positioned at the centre of the speaker for the best sound experience.

To immediately enjoy your music in the simplest way, Philips has developed a dedicated Fidelio app for Android, which will automatically pair your smartphone with the docking station via Bluetooth. Using Philips Songbird media player, you can discover and play all your media and sync it seamlessly with the docking speaker. Its intuitive features let you discover new artists and music styles through music and media stores, services and websites. For completely hassle-free music enjoyment, you can play your own library and media straight from the web and effortlessly sync all of it from your PC to your Android devices.

The Fidelio for Android range includes the following devices:
The clean lines of the curved back on the Fidelio for Android (AS851) not only looks remarkable, but also creates a more effective structure for acoustics and precisely tuned bass pipes for deep, tight bass reproduction so you'll experience a superb crystal-clear sound. This model comes with Philips Digital sound processing for lifelike, distortion-less music and 30W RMS total output power.

This slightly smaller Fidelio for Android (AS351) will give you the right sound at home and on the go. With the option to choose between battery and AC power, you can enjoy your music anywhere. This model offers Dynamic Bass Boost to preserve low tones for deep bass at any volume level and comes with 10W RMS total output power. A special shielding technology blocks mobile phone interference whilst the AUX-in at the back side of the device means you can connect almost any electronic device.

The third model in the range, the Fidelio for Android (AS111) comes in an elegant and compact design that looks gorgeous from every angle and fits onto every bedside table. Its 360-degree design gives a rich omni-directional sound to fill your bedroom, whilst neodymium speakers deliver a pure balanced sound so you can wake up to a great sound from your Android phone.