Samsung Stratosphere aims to be Verizon's first QWERTY-packing LTE device

Verizon's LTE network may be praiseworthy for its blazing-fast mobile broadband and high-end devices, but there's one area of the carrier's 4G lineup that's always needed improvement: variety. From renders revealed by PocketNow, it's apparent that one of the next-gen handsets slated for release soon (perhaps even this week) is the QWERTY-laden Samsung Stratosphere, also known as the SCH-I405. If true, this would be the very first LTE device that comes with a hardware keyboard, finally giving us a new option aside from the 4.3-inch slates that have dominated Big Red's offerings for so long. It's rumored to have an "awesome" screen (Super AMOLED Plus?), Android 2.3.4 preinstalled, 2GB internal storage and 5MP rear / 1.3 front cams; not much of a spec sheet to go off of, of course, but at least we know it's unique. With several other LTE handsets taking the stage between now and the holidays, there's no reason to make them all look the same... right?