LG VS920 pushes through FCC with Verizon LTE, could be the LG Revolution 2?

The LTE-toting LG Revolution is still the most recent phone to debut on Verizon's 4G lineup -- at least for another week or so, that is -- but we're already seeing clues to the phone's sequel popping up. We saw the Revolution 2 show up on a leaked roadmap so the mysterious follow-up has been on our radar, but we weren't expecting to see it quite this early. Yet here it is: the LG VS920, complete with Verizon's LTE Band 13, global GSM / EDGE and 900 /1900 / 2100 WCDMA and HSPA, has received the FCC's blessing. Now, it doesn't specifically come out saying it's the successor, nor does it signify its relation to the previous device; since the original Revolution is designated the LG VS910, however, we're taking the liberty to put two and two together here. Check out the gallery below for more measurements and diagrams.