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Marshall Electronics outs glasses-free Orchid 3D monitor for pro filmmakers

Marshall Electronics outs glasses-free Orchid 3D monitor for pro filmmakers
Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman|@Numeson|September 12, 2011 9:49 PM
If you're trying to turn your next film into a three dimensional cinematic masterpiece, having a quality camera to record things is a necessity. But, prudence demands that would-be James Camerons film with a first-rate monitor to view all that video as well. Good thing Marshall Electronics has made the Orchid OR-70-3D monitor to meet all your moviemaking needs. It's got a 7.2-inch, 1600 x 600 glasses-free 3D display that works using parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology -- all in a package that weighs just under three pounds. In order to let you fine tune things in all three dimensions, there's real-time waveform and color vectorscope monitoring along with a suite of other 3D tuning tools. The cost for such prodigious production value? $7,899, which sounds like a lot, but if it helps you make the next Avatar you'll have no problems recouping your investment. PR's after the break.
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Marshall Electronics Introduces World's First Autostereoscopic 3D Production Monitor

New ORCHID® 7-inch portable monitor offers "glasses-free" solution for 3D camera operators, cinematographers, and content producers

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Marshall Electronics, a leading manufacturer of professional LCD monitors for Broadcast, Studio, and Television production will unveil the world's first autostereoscopic 3D ("glasses-free") 7-inch portable / camera-top monitor at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam on September 9th-13th. The ORCHID® OR-70-3D lightweight 3D monitor does not require passive or active glasses and can be used as a camera viewfinder or portable 3D production display.

The OR-70-3D is the latest addition to Marshall Electronics' expanding lineup of 3D monitoring solutions. In 2010, Marshall introduced the robust and highly-praised 3D-241- HDSDI 24-inch stereoscopic 3D LCD monitor, which is currently being used on a number of high-budget 3D projects around the world. "Marshall continues to support the growth and expansion of global 3D production," said Nathan Mordukhay, VP of Sales & Marketing. "The OR-70-3D is now the most versatile and technologically advanced 3D monitoring solution available to filmmakers and content producers."

With parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology, the OR-70-3D provides superior 3D images with 1600 x 600 screen resolution. For precision 3D calibration, the OR-70-3D provides dual real-time Waveform and Vectorscope, along with various 3D analysis features such as Check Box, Difference, Blending, Compare, and more. Integrated mux and independent loop-through eliminate the requirement of an additional external converter. Delay-compensated horizontal mirror flip supports both channels respectively. Like most portable Marshall monitors, this unit also supports large battery adapters and 1/4"-20 mounting for mobility and flexibility.

Compare Box

Compare Box is a new and innovative feature for 3D calibration. This handy onscreen tool compares a specific region of both channels with easy-to-read graphs for Y, R, G, B with numeric display. Compare Box is a "must-have" feature for precision 3D camera alignment.

Check Box (Checkerboard)

Check Box provides a quilted layout of both left and right channels for depth check, channel difference, and more. The size of the box can be adjusted using the front panel rotary encoder.

Emboss (Alpha-Channel View)

A full frame Embossed or Luminance Difference View shows the difference between Left Eye and Right Eye.

H Marker

This new horizontal marker provides a ruler for 3D depth control. The position and space between lines can be adjusted using the front panel rotary encoder.

The OR-70-3D retails for $7899 and will be shipping October 1st.

Other new ORCHID® products being showcased at IBC 2011 include the fully-featured OR-181 18.5" Rack Mount / Desktop Production Monitor ($2999) and OR-XDI Portable Battery-Powered 3G-SDI to HDMI Cross Converter ($899).

For more information on the OR-70-3D, OR-181, OR-XDI, and other innovative Broadcast or IP solutions, please visit www.lcdracks.com or stop by Marshall Electronics' booth at IBC (Stand #11.D20) and Band Pro Film & Digital (Stand # 11.F40).