Off the rails: Star Wars Galaxies introduces atmospheric flight

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Off the rails: Star Wars Galaxies introduces atmospheric flight
Star Wars Galaxies screenshot
If you're still on the fence about reactivating Star Wars Galaxies in order to participate in the sunset events from now until December 15th, today's news just might push you over to the dark side... er light side. One of those!

This morning, Sony Online Entertainment published Game Update 21, the highlight of which is atmospheric flight. For real.
With atmospheric flight, you will be able to travel the skies above and see the worlds of Star Wars Galaxies in a new way. To launch into atmospheric flight, or to return to the ground, you can use your ship's icon in your datapad. Whether you are looking to host a peaceful event in your yacht with the Theed Waterfall as a backdrop or prove your piloting skills against another player over the desert of Tatooine, atmospheric flight will offer a unique way to experience Star Wars Galaxies.
The patch notes indicate that players can launch directly into space while piloting through planetary atmosphere, and you'll need some skill to navigate as ships will take damage if crashed into the ground. GU21 also heralds the "Final Battle," which presumably is another stage in the ongoing Galactic Civil War sunset events.

Remember, today is literally your last chance to reactivate and give the game a proper send-off.
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