ZTE Smart Tab 7 reveals its Google back tattoo for the FCC

Updated ·1 min read

Another day, another Android tablet on the FCC's site. This is the ZTE Smart Tab 7 -- or the back of it, at least. We don't know a lot about the tablet, beyond what's available in the above drawing, including the Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G logos. It's also rocking the Google tramp stamp on its lower back and what appears to be a rear-facing camera at the top. Judging from the chosen name, it seems likely that the device will offer up a 7-inch display, and given the recent announcement of the Vodafone Smart Tab 7 and Smart Tab 10 at IFA, we might be gawking at a rebranded version of that device for the States. Time shall tell, no?

Update: A tipster sent a link to this new tablet from ZTE. Could this Android 3.2 slate be the one in the above drawing? The similarities are certainly hard to deny.