AT&T goes meta: your iPhone 4S upgrade is just an app away (update)

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|10.05.11

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AT&T goes meta: your iPhone 4S upgrade is just an app away (update)
If you're all hot and bothered by today's announcement from Apple, there'll be a new way for AT&T customers to snatch up the iPhone 4S. Later this evening, Ma Bell expects to introduce a gem into the App Store that lets users check their upgrade eligibility, and beginning Friday, October 7th, customers will be able to pre-order the A5-wielding beauty from the comfort of their current iPhone. Of course, we'll be sure to provide an update as the final details become available. Who'd have thought your current handset would play such an active role in its own demise?

Update: As expected, AT&T's Upgrader app is now live in the App Store. Just take a peek at the source link to get your download on.

Update 2: Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away -- in other words, the download has been pulled. Better luck next time? In the meantime, all AT&T customers may check their upgrade eligibility at the carrier's website.
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