Audible removing in-app purchases according to Apple's rules

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.10.11

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Audible removing in-app purchases according to Apple's rules

We've seen quite a bit of squabbling over the subscription and in-app purchase for content rules on the App Store in the past, but generally, things have tended to go Apple's way. Most companies, especially those who really depend on the iOS audience for buying their content, are eventually willing to put up with Apple's 30% cut of any content prices sold through an App Store app. But that's not the case with Audible, sellers of fine audiobooks for your iPhone and iPod touch -- the company has pulled the option to buy content directly through the app in the iOS version's latest update.

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users can still shop through the mobile store via Safari -- there's even a link inside the app that will open up the online store in your device's browser. So essentially, Audible's just working around Apple's restrictions here.

Which make Apple's restrictions look a little silly, but the goal of course is to get that cut off of all content bought in the App Store. It's a shame Audible's customers have to deal with that extra inconvenience, though.

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