WoW Moviewatch: The Captain's Wife's Lament

Michael Gray
M. Gray|10.11.11

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WoW Moviewatch: The Captain's Wife's Lament
WoW Moviewatch: The Captain's Wife's Lament
With BlizzCon about two weeks away, the WoW Insider staff is celebrating the wild, wonderful world of WoW machinima by revisiting some old favorites.

Work warning: This video is based on a single ribald pun. While it's not cursing per se, anyone who hears the song will get the innuendo immediately.

Kelly recommended today's staff favorite: The Captain's Wife's Lament. Originally a song performed by Paul and Storm, it was transcribed into machinima form by Spiffworld. Spiff is known for his brilliant interpretations of JoCo's work in video, and he gave the full treatment to The Captain's Wife's Lament.

The strength of the video is that it's a short, single-theme joke. Spiff dives right into the innuendo, has fun with the video, and doesn't artificially draw the video out any longer than needed. The Captain's Wife's Lament is fun and ripe for a quick laugh.
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