Audyssey's Lower East Side Audio Dock Air: square to be cool

Not enamored by any upcoming AirPlay-enabled HiFi systems? Audyssey's curiously square Lower East Side Audio Dock Air could be worth a shot. This is the second wireless speaker from the company, which last year used its audio know-how for the South of Market Bluetooth Dock. The LESADA's light on features, but utilizes "Smart Speaker technology" to offer what Audyssey claims is best-in-class audio quality. The unit itself is loaded with two 1-inch tweeters, a duo of 3-inch midrange drivers and two thumping 4-inch passive bass radiators. Up top there's a single volume wheel, while on the front and back you'll find a headphone jack and a 3.5mm input (if you'd prefer the vintage experience of plugging in). The Lower East Side Audio Dock Air -- in all its cubey goodness -- is slated to hit shelves in November for about $400. Full PR past the break.

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Audyssey Introduces the Lower East Side Audio Dock Air

New Music System with Airplay® Features Audyssey Smart
Speaker™ Technology

LOS ANGELES, CA – (Marketwire – October 19, 2011) – Audyssey, a leader in audio
technology for the home, automotive, mobile and theater markets, today introduced the Lower
East Side Audio Dock Air. The new music system with Airplay complements today's digital
lifestyle, enabling users to stream music wirelessly throughout the home from their computer,
iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. The Lower East Side Audio Dock Air is the latest Audyssey product
built on the company's Smart Speaker technology for rich and balanced sound.

"AirPlay represents a huge step forward in the pursuit of wireless audio and we believe our
Lower East Side Audio Dock Air will please even the most discerning listeners," said Robb
Mason, Audyssey's vice president of marketing. "Our Smart Speaker technology enables us to
generate audio output that's simply not attainable by other manufacturers – we're confident
our new dock will outperform any comparably priced AirPlay dock on the market."

AirPlay Wireless Streaming
Apple AirPlay® is opening up compelling new applications for wirelessly streaming music in the
home. AirPlay excels in terms of range as well as audio quality, which is why Audyssey fully
integrated AirPlay into its newest audio dock. Pair the dock with your chosen device and you
can enjoy your entire iTunes library anywhere in the house.

Bass So Good, You'll be Looking for the Subwoofer
For decades, speaker companies have relied on bulky subwoofers to compensate for their
speakers' lack of low-range output. If you think you need a massive subwoofer to get bass
from your speakers, think again. The Lower East Side Audio Dock Air is designed with passive
bass radiators and uses Audyssey's Smart Speaker technology to play deeper bass than
anything else its size.

Audyssey's Second Product in the Lower East Side Lineup
Audyssey's new AirPlay dock joins the recently announced Lower East Side Media Speakers to
expand the company's family of consumer audio products inspired by the culture and history
of New York's Lower East Side.

Pricing and Availability
The Audyssey Lower East Audio Dock Air will begin shipping in November of this year and will
have an MSRP of $399.

About Audyssey®

Established in 2002, Audyssey is the industry leader in research-based sound technologies for the professional
and consumer audio marketplace. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook.

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