Brand Table concept revolutionizes fast food, NFC still won't make it good for you (video)

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Jersey girls and boys can now tap and pay their way around, but for the Garden State's myriad of malls, cash'll still have to do. Not so for the Ozzies Down Under who may soon never have to leave the comfort of food court chairs -- if they're packing a Nexus S, that is. Designed as a concept by University of Sydney start-up SDigital, special coaster-like "brand stickers" affixed to eatery "brand tables" would relay fast-food menus to mobile phones via NFC. Hungry, hungry humans would then make their selections, order up and receive a vibrating notification when the food's ready. It's a contactless payment solution not unlike the QkR platform MasterCard demoed for us last month. And given our ever-increasing crawl towards the bleak adult baby form factor of our potential Wall-E futures, we'd say this tech's right around the public release corner. Head on past the break for a video demo of the tukkis-numbing, Foodcourtia tech.

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